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The Source – A Journey to the Heart of Your Own Personal Power

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The Source - A Journey to the Heart of Your Own Personal Power - US Version
The Source threads together two stories. The first that of Ursula Sontheil, sometimes known as Mother Shipton, the 16th-century Yorkshire prophetess and healer who was burnt at the stake but whose spirit survived captive in a cave in North Yorkshire. She would have been trapped for ever but for the cave’s extraordinary power: objects left in the cave are turned to stone by the action of the lime suffused waters from a nearby well.

Mother Shipton used the powers of the waters to live again through the needs of those who came to the cave and called on her for healing. Each gift turned to stone by the waters lit another spark of life within her. Through the centuries many came for her help, enough for their needs to free her spirit to leave the cave and live again.

The second story is that of another Ursula, Ursula James, a modern day healer of minds. Mother Shipton shaped her childhood and, when she was ready to listen, came to her again when she was an adult and gave her the means to make magic happen. Through Mother Shipton’s prophecies and spells, Ursula James transformed her own life and taught her that magic must be shared or it is diminished, so she passes this knowledge on to others. As the magic began to grow it took on a life of its own and spread around the world.

The Source is a book that comes out of time and is of this time. It is only now, after the world of commerce has been in freefall, that we are ready to listen and respond to Sister Moon and to heal Mother Earth. Each chapter has a ritual, rite or journey, to guide the reader on their path to the source of their own power. Part fable, part spell-book, The Source has true magic woven through it for those who read it well.


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Amidst the ocean of Mind-Body-Spirit or esoteric books available, only very few stand out as authentic and worthwhile, let alone enjoyable to read. This one doesn’t just stand out, it jumps out. Its highly accomplished author demonstrates a near-perfect balance between the intellectual and intuitive, the academic and arcane. I recommend it highly: it’ll plug you into a rare stream of most eloquently channeled wisdom.

Barefoot Doctor

An intriguing book combining mystical wisdom with down to earth good advice.

Sheila Hancock

I love this book! Ursula strips off her logical, left-brained, hypnotherapists cloak to reveal some deeply personal insights into how moon magic and psychic skills have become a part of her life. The fact she truly bares her soul, including her insecurities and foibles, makes the book all the more authentic. The Source can help anyone uncover the natural magic inherent in everyday life, and to find their true purpose.

Katy Evans, Editor of Soul & Spirit Magazine

A special manual for happiness that I’ll definitely keep at hand now.
Ursula’s story is amazing, and her writing this book, brave.
She has passed on wonderful wisdom and advice on how to become fulfilled.
My eyes have been opened to the moon!

Georgia Byng, Author of the Molly Moon seriesa

What happens when visiting teaching Fellow of Oxford University Medical School and published scientific author Ursula James finds herself having an experience that she doesn’t believe in? It is very inconvenient for her that she seems to be channelling Mother Shipton, the celebrated English witch, burnt at the stake in the 16th Century. This remarkable story shows how Ursula learns to move beyond wondering whether she should medicate herself to the possibility of actually listening to what Mother Shipton is telling her. In opening up her belief system to the bizarre and the unlikely Ursula learns far more than she had ever expected and is led from a world that can be measured and explained into a world of bizarre and extraordinary magic that she then seeks to share with us all.

Isabel Losada, Author of Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment and For Tibet with Love

I am gripped by the page-turner Ursula James (not forgetting Mother Shipton!) writes, and admire the honesty, courage and humour that the story is shared with.

The book is a wonderful representation of the power of magic to help everyone – wherever they are on their journey – weave the life of their dreams.

The spells work in conjunction with the moon as the book guides you to creating your highest life.

This book is for everyone who dreams big, and is willing to go within to magic those creations into their reality.

Rachel Willis ‘The Psychic CEO’, Founder of Radio Lightworker and Editor of Lightworker Magazine

It is my great pleasure to endorse Ursula James’ extraordinary book THE SOURCE.
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Jeni Barnett, Radio and TV Presenter

The book is amazing… It has the steel core and clear honesty that sets it entirely apart.
Ursula’s fans are in for a huge shock!

Geraldine Beskin – Owner, Atlantis Bookshop

I’ve been reading The Source… and finding it a truly magical read.
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Donald Busby – Body and Soul Events

A great read for anyone wanting guidance on finding their true purpose.
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Emma – Mind Body Spirit Book Reviewer

The writing is pure inspiration and the teachings are straight from the divine.
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Glenn Harrold – The UK’s best selling self-help audio author

Readers will get a number of things from this book as it doesn’t fit any one genre, but makes a masterpiece of all subjects that it covers.
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Adam Pamment – Advocacy Officer, Pagan Federation

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Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer – Award winning Author of The Heart of all Knowing

Life is measured by the moments, reading The Source was one of them.
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Anna Anka – Model, Actress, Author, featured in Swedish Hollywood Lives

This book will stay with you at a fundamental level
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Lesley Sharpe – Actress

Ursula James manages to write with great skill about the personal and the magical, and invites those who wish to change their lives to believe that it is possible. She does not shy away from revealing events, some of which are dark and desperate, which spurred her on to make major changes in her life – and in doing so gives inspiration to those of us also facing the difficulties of modern life, both great and small.

This book will stay with you at a fundamental level. It opens us all to the possibility of magic and transformation.

Life is measured by the moments, reading The Source was one of them.

Packed full of information and rituals, The Source takes you on a magical journey to a destination that is calling you over the eons of time to reconnect with the craft of the ancients.

This wisdom shared with all openly, reveals a great depth of understanding and working with the magic that lives within each and everyone of us. Ursula has traversed time and space journeying and connecting with the voice of the Mother, who is waiting to help us rid ourselves of what no longer serves us. The frankness and openness in which this book is written holds no fear, leading the reader into a safe sanctuary were they can trust the process and allow the magic to unfold. Weaving the web between mind and heart, myth and magic, Ursula has created a sacred marriage uniting the worlds as one.


I’ve been reading The Source – the new book by hypnotherapy expert Ursula James… and finding it a truly magical read.

Having worked in Ilkley and Harrogate often, I’ve heard of Mother Shipton’s cave, where left objects turn to stone but I’ve never managed to get there. The same Mother Shipton has been a living guiding force in Ursula’s journey from high-flying executive to inspired traveller on the true magical path. Her story is told in the book with great honesty and openness and it’s also a companion guide for everyday magic, with rituals, meditations and tasks to lead you to freedom and fulfillment in your life.

This is powerful stuff coming from a woman with a scientific background who has to struggle with the insight and demands of Mother Shipton. But the rewards for Ursula have been tremendous and she has written this book as a gift and duty to all those of us who have the potential for magical liberation and happiness.

This month I have just finished reading Ursula James’s new book ‘The Source’. The text is part fable, part spell book, with the story of her guide – Mother Shipton – expertly woven within it. James narrates her tale with wisdom and clarity, offering practical guidance on how to create your own everyday magic and manifest your desires.

I particularly enjoyed James’s focus on the phases of the moon, in terms of harnessing its power at different times of the lunar cycle to heighten rituals and meditations.

A great read for anyone wanting guidance on finding their true purpose.

In the busy self-help/MBS genre, ‘The Source’ stands out from the crowd. The writing is pure inspiration and the teachings are straight from the divine. The book conveys a real depth of knowledge and wisdom through an intriguing narrative. I hope it is a huge success as it is another of those books that could play a much needed part in raising the consciousness of the masses.

I have already started recommending it as I know it will help many people.

When I was first picked up this book I felt I was reading the story of a successful business woman who was searching for a missing something that could only be fulfilled spiritually. Within a few pages I found myself reading the account of a woman who channelled one of England’s’ most celebrated wise women. By the next chapter, the genre had changed again to a practical guide for anyone seeking a serious introduction to a magical and spiritual path.

If you intend to work magically with the moon phases this book is a must. It travels ground not previously covered by any other book of this type I have read whilst not being so pretentious as to talk down to, or lose, the beginner.

The author is a successful business woman with a background in medical science. She channelled Mother Shipton with the end result being this book. It takes the reader through her own life journey including the point at which she had her life turned upside down by the channelling that subsequently resulted in this book.
Following chapters give a month by month (moon by moon) guide to working magically with meditation and practical tips that would be familiar to anyone with a knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming or hypnotherapy. Never at any point does this book become pretentious and at many times it adds a large dose of humour. Readers will get a number of things from this book as it doesn’t fit any one genre, but makes a master piece of all subjects that it covers.

Books come and go.
But some books can change lives.
Books, however, can only change lives if the reader wants to change. In THE SOURCE, Ursula James’ manual of everyday magic, this reader felt the need to change instantly.

Ms James puts the power back into your own hands with the help of wonderfully clear, direct writing and Mother Shipton. Whether Mother Shipton is mythical, archetypal or real is irrelevant, learning about the moon and reading Shiptons’ wisdom feels almost elemental.

I predict THE SOURCE will be on everybody’s lips,bookshelves and conscience for many years to come.

It is my great pleasure to endorse Ursula James’ extraordinary book THE SOURCE.