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This book is for anyone who is interested in the practical aspects of using hypnosis in therapeutic or medical practice. The third edition includes a free hypnosis MP3.

Clinical Hypnosis Textbook, 3rd edition Clinical Hypnosis Textbook – 3rd Edition

If you are interested in how hypnosis works and would like to learn self-hypnosis, or if you are studying the subject, or if you already use it in your practice, this book should be your essential guide.

The skills taught in this volume include how to utilise hypnosis for personal use as well as in the professional setting, and incorporates highly portable communication skills as a basis for increasing the accuracy of diagnosis.

The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook is required reading at eleven UK medical schools.

This book comes with a free MP3. (Instructions on how to receive it are provided in the book.)

Price: Paperback – £26.99. (Kindle version available from Amazon – £24.99